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       I am glad to greet you on a site The site is devoted to my collection of stamps on railway subject with images of first railway steam machines and mechanisms, locomotives, cars, stations, trams, railway lines, devices, railway symbolics and attributes.

      The site is based on Catalogue "Railways"  with images of 18835 marks on 768 pages published by Domfil in 2000 and Railways of Whole World", published by Michel on 783 pages.

       Philatelic special catalogues of Michel by countries, Jast and Phillips "British Locals Philatelic Agency Catalogues" published by Jast and Phillips for 2003, "Catalogue Officiel de Timbres-Poste Belgique" of 2008, "Stamp Catalogue of China" of 2000, and "Catalogue of Post Stamps of Russia" published in 2009 has added the site. Stamps are not for sale. Prices are given only for familiarization purposes.